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tilsatec workwear


Pefora provide a range of professional inherent flame retardant clothing including items such as;

Nato Sweater
Cargo Trouser

Pilot Suit / Crew Suit

Kiln Suit

Kiln Sallopets

Polo Shirt
Work Shirt
Work Trouser

Prices for all products are bespoke dependant upon specification and quantity please contact a member of the team for further information.


>> Reflective Strips ( EN471 Products available upon request)
>> Thermal Underwear ( Crew Neck & Polo Neck Available )

>> Please enquire for any garment not on the above list.

All designed to specification we can incorporate your company logo in to any of our lines.

If you require any further information please contact Pauline our factory manager or email and we will respond with 24 hrs of your request.

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