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tilsatec workwear

About Perfora Innovations

Our approach to business is based on a philosophy of value - dedication, quality, and innovation.

Our pledge to you is to deliver high quality, innovative products that are built with your safety as our top priority. Your needs drive our innovations.

The Pefora team constantly aim to develop products to be made better and safer?".The company is Backed by the high performance fabric manufacturer Tilsatec.


We specilise in the design and manufacture of high-spec clothing for specialist industries creating garments for the aviation industry the telecommunication market plance and general garments for commercial and industrial applications. All garments are manufactured to pass EN Standards.

So what do our customers have to say?

Client: Buxton Lime Indusries Ltd
Contact: Paul Downes
Contract: 22 Kiln Suits

The company was looking for kiln suits that would be worn in environment that could reach temperatures of up to 900 Degrees Centigrade. " We check for build up and blockages in the kiln pre-heater every day, where pewter can get stuck. The powder in the system is very fine, like talcum powder, and if it was to come out it would run like water at 900 Degrees Centigrade. We needed a fabric with a tight weave. At those temperatures nothing can protect you 100%, so we were looking for something that would give us time to get away, but still afford us a degree of maneuverability"

During his research, Paul found there was no standard clothing for this industry, and he noted other companies in his sector using a wide range of garments , including flame retardant treated cotton overalls. "I was not very Impressed".

An initial fiberglass kiln suit was dropped as it caused skin reactions for some wearers and now the company uses Rhino Workwear ergonomically - designed Kiln Suits manufactured by PEFORA INNOVATIONS. Sheila the company director supplied the swatches , I tested them, and then she had them certified. We have 22 suits in regular use, and so far I have not had a single complaint. In fact I’m pretty sure nobody has been issued with second set yet!.

Client: NIFRS Transport Department
Contact: Ian Grimes
Contract: Overalls

Shrinkage: On the initial wash they shrunk approx. 1/2 inch all over, subsequent washes there has been no shrinkage.

Cleanliness: All marks are removed on each wash and we have no complaints regarding the cleanliness after washing.

Value for money: These overalls are not cheap, but when this is offset by the fact that the mechanics will be dressed in them daily they seen to last, we are having less repair costs than conventional material and whilst it is early days we are hoping that over their life they may actually prove more cost effective that previous material we have used.

I hope this gives a fair and honest opinion of the overalls provided.


We have also made a commitment to our own people to provide a friendly and productive work environment where goals are met through teamwork and shared objectives. Below you can see our manufacturing plant based in St Helens;


The pefora team pulls in one direction for one reason: to make the best and safest products possible.

If you require any further information please contact Pauline our factory manager or email and we will respond with 24 hrs of your request.

Web: www.perfora.co.uk | Telephone: 01744 819 514 | E-mail: workshop@pefora.co.uk

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